People are increasingly relying on the internet for their everyday tasks. Everything can be done with just a few clicks, from ordering food or monthly groceries to hailing CNG rides to arranging a full-fledged vacation anywhere in the world! So why should finding a service provider be any different? Poshora’ is here to make life easier by bringing service providers directly to their clients. ‘Poshora’ is an online marketplace that connects service providers with customers needing their services. They offer a wide range of services, for your home or office. From experienced moving/shifting services to facility maintenance and fridge/ AC/ stone servicing, to professional cleaning/ pest control, to renovation and gardening work to even catering and event management and obscure services like chandelier cleaning or exercise machine repairs – they are serious about being a one-stop solution and finding you the right person for any home or office job.

‘Poshora’ – The One-Stop Solution to All Service Needs

Everyone needs a little help around the house now and then, whether it’ s a plumbing issue, an electrical problem, or just some routine maintenance. Finding a trustworthy professional to do the job can be a nightmare – not to mention all that energy spent on haggling for the right price. That’ s where Poshora comes in. is an online marketplace that connects buyers with qualified service providers who can get the job done quickly and efficiently – and importantly, according to your budget. Poshora has over 3,000 registered Poshora Service Providers, offering over 100 different services across 25+ categories. They are here to serve customers at their homes, and also have a range of corporate clients who routinely are trusting them for regular services.

With Poshora, people can book services online through poshorabd website or app, confirm their own preferred time for the service, and monitor their job status- all from the comfort of their homes, or wherever they are on the road. Plus, their customer service team is available 24/ 7, so clients can always get the help they need when they need it.

For corporate clients, in addition to scheduled routine services for events and facility maintenance, they also have a pool of freelancers and skilled professionals and consultants- they regularly provide project-based consultants for office jobs.

‘Range’ truly is the name of the game. In addition to being an e-marketplace for any type of service under the sun, Poshora hosts a Poshora ‘Haat Bazar’ tab where customers can buy ‘specialized items’ like home-made sauces, boutique clothing items, and other such specialty items produced by local artisanal entrepreneurs, artists and craftsfolk across Bangladesh.  

Poshora – s full list of services can be found on the website, or on their poshorabd facebook page.

Some Services Poshora offers:

  • Office And Home Shifting Services
  • Cleaning Pest Control Disinfection Services
  • Plumbing And Kitchen Fitting Services
  • Tax and Registry Services
  • Geyser Repair Services
  • Catering Services
  • Computer Services
  • Electrical Services
  • AC Repair Services
  • Home Appliance Services
  • Generator Repair Services
  • Personal Care Services
  • Car Maintenance Service
  • Photography Services
  • Renovation Services
  • Car Driver Solutions
  • CCTV Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Gardening Services
  • Tutoring Services
  • Event Management Services
  • Poshora Haat Bazar
  • Delivery Service
  • Caretaker Services
  • Lock Key Repair Services
  • Freelancer Services
  • Tour And Travel Service
  • Chandeliers Cleaning and Shining Services
  • Treadmill Repair Service
  • Printing Services

Booking a service with Poshora is very easy! Clients can place order:

  • Directly through website: or poshorabd app on Android and iOS
  • Directly through Poshora hotline +880 9638-300700 (9 am – 8 pm Sat-Thurs; 9 am – 5 pm on Fridays)

For queries, clients can find Poshora as “poshorabd” on facebook/ instagram/ linkedIn/ Twitter

How works

Poshora is simple and easy to use – quality service is just a click or call away. Just follow these five steps, and leave the rest to Poshora service team to get the job done to quality satisfaction:

  1. Book services:

Clients can log in to their account on poshorabd web or poshorabd app, and select the service needed from their list of options – or call the Poshora hotline directly for fast personalized support. They’ve got everything from plumbing and electrical work to car rentals and homemade sauces!

  • Confirm free assessment schedule:

Once the client finds the right Poshora Service provider for their requirements and budget through poshorabd web/app or customer support, clients confirm their convenient schedule and the Poshora service team ensures the Service Provider is at the location for the free initial assessment on time, and prepared.

  • Confirmation of Service Provider / Freelancer for Service Day:

Once the initial assessment is done, and requirements and prices are confirmed, the service day schedule is booked and clients receive a confirmation message through poshorabd web/app or customer support with Poshora Service Provider and Service requirements details.

  • Monitor job status:

On the final service day, the Poshora service team ensures the Service Provider gets the job started on time, manages the service process in-person and through Poshora customer support, and maintains quality check until the service is completed to satisfaction. Poshora Service Providers share job status updates through the poshorabd web/app or messages to keep the client notified at all steps of the way.

  • The end, and another job successfully done!

Once the job is complete, the Poshora service team conducts a final quality check, and the Poshora Service Provider confirms completion through the poshorabd web/app or messages. All that’s left is completing the payment – directly through poshorabd web/app or online and fully trackable – according to client preference of MFS, online banking, etc.  Receipts and invoices downloadable from Poshora web/app to keep for records.

Poshora is the perfect solution for anyone needing quality household or office


With their easy five- step process, people can book services online, confirm the schedule, monitor job status, and receive a final report- all without ever having to leave home (or office)!

What sets apart from other service marketplaces is their truly wide range of services, and commitment to fully customizable and personalized solutions. Poshora only works with highly skilled Service Providers with a proven track record of satisfied customers. This ensures you always get the best possible service when people book through!

Final Thought

For a quick, easy and reliable way to find and book services for your home and/or office need, the answer is! They are the one- stop shop for all service needs with a wide range of services and commitment to quality.

For more information visit:


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